The FACTS Digital Platform

Working with FACTS gives you access to an advanced digital platform surpassing any other in the industry.  We endeavour to provide innovative solutions that maximise your digital presence through a combination of traditional and methods.  Read on to see how it works and to take part in one such example.

Step 1

We communicate with our database based on their interactions with the news content on facts  We have an extensive database of prominent members of this industry whether they be leaders, staff or voices within the transport and logistics sector.  Communicating with them is key.  Let’s run through an example below.  

Below this you will see a contact form.  That is just one way that we acquire contacts and continue to grow our audience.  Put in your contact details below, using an email that you currently monitor.

Step 2

Understanding interest is an important part of part of the communication process.  We want to communicate relevant content to our readers relevant to the subject matter they consume.  One such way is to send sponsored content for your HGV product or service to readers who read multiple HGV related stories.  For this example though, let’s just make it one example story to save you some time!  Click below to go to the example story.