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The Blockchain Revolution: Digitising the Shipping Industry

In an increasingly interconnected digital marketplace, threats to cyber security are ever present and mounting. The recent cyber-attack that struck Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company, has exposed the vulnerabilities in the existing supply chain infrastructure. Originally thought to be a form of ransomware, investigation by the EC-Council ...

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Making Fuel Fair: Martin Devine, Managing Director, Fueltek, on fuel duty and commercial transport

Fueltek Martin Devine interview

Features Editor Joe Wyatt spoke to Martin Devine, Managing Director Fueltek, to discuss fuel duty in relation to commercial transport. What is the current situation regarding fuel duty and commercial transport in the UK? In general, commercial transport users have got a raw deal when it comes to fuel duty. ...

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Councils cut to the chase – Innovation in the age of austerity

As financial constraints continue, Features Editor Joe Wyatt explores the ways in which the nation’s councils are innovating their municipal fleets to protect frontline services. The challenges represented by austerity in the public sector have been many and varied. In the years following the announcement in 2008 by then-Prime Minister David ...

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