Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) expert, TRACKER, has launched a battery powered stolen vehicle tracking device to benefit the owners of plant and construction equipment.

Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve has been developed using TRACKER’s award winning technology, yet does not rely on equipment having its own power source in order to operate. An estimated £50 million to £70 million worth of plant and agricultural machinery is stolen every year, of which just five percent is ever recovered. However, this latest innovation from TRACKER promises to further close the net on thieves by helping police quickly locate a wider range of stolen plant and construction equipment.

Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve is based on TRACKER’s successful and proven Very High Frequency (VHF) radio technology. Fundamentally, this is brought together in a robust and waterproof battery powered unit, proven to withstand the harshest plant usage. As with all TRACKER’s SVR solutions, the Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve is also operated by all UK police forces to locate stolen assets.

“Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve is an important development in our range of SVR solutions. Using its own power source that lasts for five years, the product does not rely on the asset’s battery or indeed the equipment having a battery at all,” says Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER. “When the customer reports the theft to the police and obtains a Crime Reference Number, TRACKER activates the unit, which emits a unique signal allowing the police to track the stolen equipment, even if it is being transported or hidden in a shipping container.”  

TRACKER recovers a staggering 68% of stolen plant machinery within 24 hours of the SVR device being activated and 10% of those are recovered within just one hour. Over the past five years, TRACKER has recovered more than £15 million worth of plant machinery and equipment.

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