Asda shop photoAsda will soon complete a major two-year project to innovate its retail distribution operation using a unique transport optimisation solution incorporating Isotrak vehicle-tracking equipment. Using the fully-integrated transport optimisation and execution system called Total Transport System (TTS), which combines Isotrak’s real-time transport execution and management technology with Paragon  routing and scheduling optimisation software, Asda has implemented a new  regional distribution structure.

With the system, Asda has been able to improve delivery services to its stores, make better use of driver resources, ensure route compliance and reduce operational costs.

“Asda transport has been completely transformed to provide new efficiencies across the board. TTS has enabled this and is providing significant improvements in the way we plan and manage our resources and in how we plan more than 18,000 store deliveries a week using our 900 strong fleet. The results of this business change are on-time delivery improvements to the stores, optimisation of our driver and vehicle resources and greater route compliance, which is also reducing mileage, fuel costs and emissions,” says Chris Hall, National Transport Manager, Asda.

“We have moved away from individual planning for each distribution centre and have created seven lanning regions across the UK that provide a clear differentiation between regional planning to maximise geographical resources and local execution for compliance to plan and accountability for store service. There are 21 DCs within the regions – two in Scotland, three in the North East, four in the North West, three in Yorkshire, four in the Midlands, three in the South West and two serving the South East. It is true to say that this would be impossible to do without an effective system and process.”

Chris Hall says the system was the right choice for this step-change project being a fully configurable, off-the-shelf solution.

“TTS is a proven solution for retail distribution operations that have large fleets. We have been able to take a standard solution and configure it to our specific requirements. We already used Paragon for fixed routing, but this is a step up combining Paragon routing, scheduling and resource optimisation with Isotrak’s vehicle tracking and  transport execution and management. It gives us full visibility of the entire operation and this has been instrumental in the success of this project.”

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