BMW make roadside assistance fleet upgrade

BMW Group UK announces a significant enhancement to its Roadside Assistance Programme with the introduction of 72 new, state-of-the-art service vans.

BMW Group UK, together with Allianz Partners, has announced a major upgrade to its Roadside Assistance Programme with the introduction of 72 new state-of-the-art service vans. This enhancement, part of a multi-million-pound investment, increases the recovery fleet from 41 to 72 vehicles, significantly boosting roadside support capabilities.

These new advanced vans replace an existing fleet of support cars and are better equipped to handle a wider range of roadside issues efficiently. The increased storage capabilities for spare parts, including emergency spare wheels, significantly increases the likelihood of completing repairs on the roadside. All vans have been equipped with the latest remote diagnosis systems, meaning that before arriving on location, technicians can where possible obtain the necessary spare parts to complete the repair.

Another notable advancement in the new fleet is the ability to tow vehicles, reducing the need for a separate recovery truck if a vehicle is not repairable on the roadside, further streamlining the customer experience.

Every roadside technician has also been fully trained in High Voltage (HV) systems and is ready to service the entire BMW Group product range.

Mario Moser, Director for Aftersales & Customer Support at BMW Group UK, highlighted the upgrade as a reflection of the company’s continued focus on enhancing its customer experience, stating, “With the introduction of these advanced service vans to our Roadside Assistance Programme, we are set to get our customers back on the move even faster, ensuring that any interrupted journey is resolved as seamlessly and quickly as possible.”

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