Budget statement from FleetCheck

Fleets need to redouble their efforts on drug-driving, FleetCheck is warning, as a leading police officer reported that the issue was a bigger problem than drug-driving in some constabularies over the Xmas period.

Peter Golding, managing director, FleetCheck, said:

“This was a political Budget concentrating on giveaways to voters, which is perhaps understandable given the proximity of the general election and the current state of the polls. However, there was very little in there for businesses of any kind and especially for those operating fleets, except for the ongoing fuel duty reduction freeze. It really does feel as though our sector is now waiting for what now seems a likely change of government, and the opportunity to engage the new administration in dialogue about what we would like to see from them in terms of future developments in all kinds of areas from electrification to driverless cars.”

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