Chevin Fleet Solutions has joined the ‘green fleet revolution’ – by announcing that over 50% of its fleet vehicles are now electric or electric hybrid.

Having joined the Go Ultra Low campaign in 2016, Chevin committed to ensuring that at least 5% of its fleet is electric by 2020. A Tesla Model S, a Mercedes-Benz PHEV, Volkswagen Golf PHEV and a Hyundai PHEV now take ‘pride of place’ within its fleet.

Additional green investment has made been through the installation of solar panels on Chevin’s Derbyshire based head office roof. Energy produced from the panels is used as ‘green’ fuel to power the fleet via two electric charge points. Plans are in place for additional charge points as other diesel and petrol-fuelled vehicles within its fleet are phased out.

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director, Chevin, commented: “We found that since switching part of our fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles, our running costs are now much lower as we do our bit for the planet through reduced emissions.”

“Solar panels in effect provide ‘green’ fuel for the vehicles. Planning journeys to include charge points hasn’t really been an issue as they tend to cover daily drive requirements comfortably on a single charge.”

Businesses interested in switching to a green fleet may be able to claim Government grants of up to £3,500 against the purchase price of eligible vehicles. In addition, the Workplace Charging Scheme provides grants of up to £500 against the cost of a charge point installation, up to a maximum of twenty points per business.

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