At Lytx®, we pride ourselves in offering you the insights you need to help protect your drivers, your brand and your bottom line

Our solutions combine video data, machine vision technology and vehicle data to deliver more insights than traditional telematics alone, providing the critical context you need to understand the full picture.

Just like you, our focus is on saving lives on our roadways. With distracted driving on the rise, fleet managers can cut claims costs and improve their bottom line by educating their drivers about risky driving behaviours and coaching them to make changes that can help prevent collisions from occurring. Video footage on its own can be very powerful.

A prescriptive, video-based coaching system can help companies proactively prevent collisions. Lytx uses a combination of machine vision and artificial intelligence to help propel the video telematics system forward.

Machine vision provides the ability to see and recognise objects and human behaviour using one or more images. Artificial Intelligence intelligently interprets and learns from the data derived from all types of machine intelligence to achieve a particular goal or objective.

Many of our customers are seeing over 40% ROI from reduced insurance claims and reduction in costs from assets not being out of service due to a collision. One client witnessed a 33% reduction in collisions, 76% reduction in near collisions and a 67% reduction in observed risky driving behaviour.

Another client achieved a 61% reduction in mobile phone use, and a 58% reduction in event severity. It goes beyond just insurance savings and reducing collisions, as well. You can save on fuel and maintenance costs with our GPS fleet telematics system, by maximising efficiencies and reducing wear-and-tear on your vehicles.

With Lytx, you can combine outside and inside vision to form a successful active driver and fleet management platform.

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