Convey Technology has leveraged its expertise in creating tachograph analysis software that can save operators time, energy and money as well as compliance

Technology has created a small revolution by giving haulage companies a range of data to optimise fleet operations across the industry. However, with most companies producing a veritable sea of data, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Digital solutions, when used effectively, can help process this flood of information and allow operators to focus on the key elements to improve their business.

As such, ensuring you are using the right analysis solution is key to getting the most from your data.

Swindon-based Convey Technology creates compliance management software for the commercial vehicle industry. The company offers a suite of compliance products to enable operators to gather, analyse, interpret and highlight business critical compliance data.

Founded in May 2016 by former Smartanalysis founder and tachograph expert Steve Fisher, Convey’s software is currently being used by over 1500 transport companies, with more being added every month. The company’s software joined the list of DVSA-accredited earned recognition software providers back in December 2019.

Steve spoke to FACTS about how his long experience in the industry helped Convey Technology create its compliance software. “I have actually worked in this industry since 1995, so have vast experience in this particular field, as does the handpicked team I have selected who now work with me,” Steve said.


In a competitive market, it is quality that sets rival products apart. Steve’s long experience with tachograph analysis software gave him the understanding and insight to again develop a quality product right from Convey Technology’s beginning.

“We spent the first two years building the new software from scratch,” he said. “We had gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience of what operators of all types were looking for. Instead of building the software to meet an initial requirement and then bolting on additional features as needed, we took all our understanding and the latest technology and designed and built something to meet all today’s requirements from the start.

“What we built is a modular platform that has been designed and built in the right way to support many different functions.”

The state-of-the-art system, based on the latest internet and mobile technology, helps operators to build a complete, consistent and accurate record of all vehicles and drivers in their fleet at the touch of a button – increasing efficiency and safeguarding licences.

Convey uses one shared database across all its modules, allowing data to be accessed from one single sign-in no matter how many modules the user has. All the driver and vehicle data is stored on a central hub, meaning that if one driver or vehicle is added or amended on one module, it automatically changes across all of them. This is perfect for large and complicated fleet operations and helps avoid duplication.

“For big companies with many thousands of drivers, this saves a lot of time and also means that the information they are looking at is up to date accurate and correct.”

The system’s modules include Convey Tachograph, Convey Licence Check and Convey WalkAround. Convey Tachograph is a dedicated module for analysing tachograph data and creating insights into drivers’ hours and working time needs. This helps reduce the risk of an unintended infringements.

Convey Licence Check manages driving licence eligibility, reducing driver risk and assuring compliance. Convey Walkaround helps make vehicle checks and fast and simple, increasing the likelihood of completion and making the transition from the old paper defect book easy.

Convey also offers a driver performance module. “This allows drivers and managers across the company to interact electronically,” Steve said. Underperforming drivers can be identified and appropriate action can be taken, such as additional training. A digital solution lets action be taken far swifter than traditional pen and paper approaches.

“If an infringement is found in the tacho data, we let both the driver and manager know immediately that there is an issue. It gives the operator the option of a different way to engage with the driver about the issue. People have found using the system that the drivers are very interested in getting involved and understand that if they have done something wrong they need to put it right in a timely manner.”

Keeping compliant

It can be time-consuming keeping up with the labyrinth of government regulations surrounding fleet operations. “As someone who designs and builds software systems, working with the actual legislation was not particularly easy,” Steve said. “Previously, it was not always been clear what parameters the DVSA was using. Earned recognition is the first time the DVSA has actually published a set of KPIs and a set of standards and specified how they will measure you as a transport operator.”

However, simply storing and reporting data is not enough – operators need to be able to demonstrate that, in the event of the breach, they have taken action to correct any faults. “If you are collecting your data and producing reports on driver performance and the same drivers are getting the same problems every single week, the DVSA will assume you are not dealing with this area effectively,” Steven explained.

“If an operator is seen to have continual issues and no appropriate actions are seen to be taken, then the DVSA will take action.”

Convey Technology can also provide their customers with help and advice based upon its employees’ extensive knowledge and experience. “We have a number of partners who specialise in driver and manager training. Working with those partners, we can work with companies to develop processes and procedures that are good practice.”

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