Dynamon launches free EV Transition Test offer

Dynamon has launched a free EV Transition Test for fleet operators, suppliers and consultants who want to find out if ICE vans can go electric, without the need for them to supply their telematics data.

The EV Transition Test is intended to provide a comparison between existing petrol or diesel commercial vehicles in operation, and a selection of electric alternatives.

Using ZERO, those taking the ‘taste test’ will be able to not only enter details of a particular vehicle, but also routes, jobs, driving styles and alternative specifications to compare costs, energy needs and charging requirements.

The taste test uses one of the key features of ZERO, Synthetic Telematics, in which users can plot routes, stops, weather conditions and even driving styles and create data for themselves. This advanced software uses the same type of algorithms used by aerospace engineers when creating simulations in aircraft development.

Dynamon CEO Angus Webb said: “We decided to launch this free trial of our software so fleet operators, suppliers and consultants can begin to build a picture of what they will need to go electric. ZERO can do amazing things and build a complete picture of everything a fleet needs to get the transition to electric right.

“This trial means fleets can look at a vehicle for free and with no obligation, and get a really clear picture of what will be required to switch from ICE to EV.”

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