epyx highlighting advantages of mobile mechanics for essential services fleets during lockdown

epyx is highlighting the particular advantages of mobile mechanics for fleets delivering essential services during the coronavirus lockdown. Tim Meadows, vice president and commercial director, said: “While a relatively large number of workshops are staying open through the crisis, it seems to us that mobile has an important role to play at the moment in supporting those on the frontline.

“Firstly, for fleets that are involved in delivering essential services and transporting key workers, mobile can provide the means for more flexible SMR provision, ensuring that vehicles stay roadworthy that might otherwise be difficult to maintain and repair.

“Someone who has been working straight through for days on end can have work carried out at their home when they finally get some time off, while another person who is unavoidably working every day can have it done at their place of employment.

“Secondly, for people that are self-isolating, mobile means that their vehicle can be kept in roadworthy condition whilst reducing the potential risk of infection to themselves.”

epyx says that mobile mechanics from almost 20 different providers can be booked across almost the entire country through its industry-standard 1link Service Network platform, which is used by organisations operating 4 million cars and vans to access and manage service, maintenance and repair (SMR).

Tim said: “Clearly, some SMR work unavoidably requires a workshop visit for a variety of reasons but there is a very high degree of capability among mobile mechanics.

“All fleets that want to book mobile have to do is tick a box in 1link Service Network and the platform will show them current availability. If they are having any problems accessing the services that they need, they can call us and we will try to help.”

For more information: support@1link.co.uk or www.epyx.co.uk

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