Trafficmaster logo imageTrafficmaster is an expert in intelligent driving.

The group comprises US-based Teletrac Inc., Fleet Management Solutions® (FMS) and Trafficmaster Ltd in the UK. Each organisation focuses on intelligent vehicle services, which enhance the driving experience and improve business performance by saving companies and drivers time and money, reducing their environmental impact as well as providing vehicle and driver security.

The group has developed a suite of Trafficmaster services in the UK. Trafficmaster’s key product is the award-winning Smartnav, an intelligent satellite navigation system, which uses live traffic information and real-time road speeds to calculate optimum routes and avoid traffic congestion. Trafficmaster’s comprehensive traffic data means Smartnav is continually updated with traffic information, road closures and speed camera locations.

Trafficmaster offers the Thatcham approved Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking, which is monitored 24 hours a day in the Trafficmaster Control Centre. Stolen vehicles automatically alert the Trafficmaster emergency desk operators who then monitor them remotely and inform the police of their whereabouts for fast and efficient recovery.

Trafficmaster maintains a unique network of 5,200 traffic monitoring sensors, generating high quality real-time traffic information on the UK motorway and trunk roads. Live traffic information is provided to customers via RDSTMC, premium rate telephone services, the internet and various data feeds.

Trafficmaster provides, Fleet Director, their fleet management solution in the UK, which combines all of Trafficmaster’s intelligent technology to help businesses become more efficient and productive, whilst reducing the environmental impact of driving.