FleetCheck sales up by 33% this year

Fleet concerns over data security and overall efficiency have helped drive up sales at FleetCheck by 33% this year.

The fleet software specialist signed up 170 new customers in January-May compared to 128 in the same period in 2023, bringing the total to 2,155 overall.

Peter Golding, managing director, said: “This has been a really successfully period for us and we’re seeing a number of very clear identifiable reasons for fleets continuing to push towards adopting new software solutions.

“The most interesting emerging trend is an increased awareness about software security. A large amount of sensitive information is stored by fleets, and a properly constructed, specialist software solution offers probably the best form of protection.

“However, we’re also hearing from other fleets that they see software as the best route to making the kind of substantial, measurable time and efficiency gains they are seeking, which is very much a core advantage of the types of products that we offer.

“Some of these fleets have tried creating their own solutions internally using options such as Microsoft Forms and quickly realised that this isn’t a sustainable approach. Modern fleet management is much too complex for a generalist tool.”

FleetCheck’s most popular products this year have been at the top and the bottom of the company’s range, in the form of its entry level risk management app, and its Professional level fleet management product.

Peter said: “Our walkaround app provide a secure means to cover the basics of risk management, while our comprehensive Professional software covers just about any aspect of fleet operations you could consider. The success of these products is very much consistent with the messages we are hearing from fleets.”

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