FleetMatics photoFleetMatics, a leading global provider of fleet management solutions for commercial fleet vehicles has introduced “The Essential Fleet Management System Buyer’s Guide”.

Targeted at businesses with vehicle fleets, such as those found in facilities management, skilled trades and road haulage, the guide is designed to help fleet owners determine whether their business could benefit from using a fleet management system. The guide provides a checklist of what one should expect from a system provider and includes first-hand experiences of two businesses that have successfully deployed and used fleet management systems.

Richard Brooks, Director of Marketing for Europe, FleetMatics explains: “Most businesses with vehicle fleets find that the various cost-cutting benefits and operational efficiencies of fleet management outweigh the costs of the system.”

One such business is Best Electrical a family-run electrical contractor servicing a large area of the UK with London at its centre. “Since installation, Best Electrical has gained an additional €60,000 in revenue due to increased productivity without having to increase their workforce,” says Robert Ranson, Director of Operations at Best Electrical. “We complete an additional job per day per engineer.”

For more information: bit.ly/FMbuyersguide