Smart payment system SNAP Account is growing its presence in Germany as eight locations already accept SNAP payments

Haulage industry innovators SNAP have identified Germany as a key location for the haulage industry and are excited to announce that eight German truck parking and washing locations are already accepting SNAP Account, the smart-payment system.

SNAP plan to continue growing the number of German parking and washing options that are available to SNAP Account drivers during 2020 and have employed four members of staff based in Germany to make this possible.

SNAP are proud to be working with members of the haulage industry from over 35 countries. HGV locations in Germany are needed for the large number of SNAP drivers that pass through central Europe on a regular basis.

SNAP’s German affiliation

The first German fleet was registered to SNAP Account in 2012 and more and more fleets and vehicles from Germany have joined SNAP in the subsequent years. These fleets have used smart-payments at truck parking and washing locations throughout the whole of Europe.

The eight HGV locations that have recently started accepting SNAP Account custom in Germany consist of truck parking, depot parking and truck washing sites, situated throughout the country, giving SNAP drivers an ever-increasing array of options.

Mark Garner, Marketing Director at SNAP, said Germany is an important market: “In addition to sourcing much-needed parking spaces in Germany, we know that we are making the lives of drivers easier by removing the need to carry cash or track receipts.”

To support the growth of activity within the German haulage industry, SNAP have launched a German version of their website,

Advanced talks with a number of HGV locations means that there will be more German locations available on SNAP imminently.

Will this impact SNAP in the UK?

SNAP will still keep a close eye on operations in the UK. To cement and enhance their national reputation, SNAP will continue developing the truck parking and washing options at home, as well as concentrating further afield.

Over 100,000 HGV drivers, from 4,000 fleets are using SNAP Account to pay for their truck parking and washing services in over 200 locations and SNAP are looking forward to introducing this audience to their growing presence in continental Europe.

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