Steve Clarke, General Manager of The Fuelcard People photoSome HGV operators are losing hours of valuable management time through having the wrong fuel cards, according to Steve Clarke, General Manager of The Fuelcard People. “If you have to wait in a call centre queue, and then answer basic questions before getting to the point of your call, that costs you time. People say that ‘time is money’ for a good reason: it’s true!”

His comments follow widespread press coverage of one company’s system difficulties, which meant customers having to wait up to 30 minutes, for calls to be answered. It was also reported that customers were unable to access information via the firm’s web site. The scale of the problem was seen when one temporary worker revealed that 30 temps had been hired, for a period of one month, just to help to clear backlogs.

“Having to listen to “Please hold“ music for a half-hour is bad enough,” said Steve Clarke, “but it must be even more infuriating if you are then put through to a random, anonymous operator who has never heard of you and knows nothing about haulage in general or your business in particular. You can’t blame the temps, though, because that’s how call-centers work. Even when a call-center is working normally, the customer still has to answer a string of basic questions before getting to the reason for their call. Who can afford the time?”

“This is a common reason behind Hauliers switching to The Fuelcard People” he said. “Having a dedicated account manager, with a named back-up, means calling, and getting through to, the same person every time, on their direct line. Delays are minimal, you talk to somebody who knows and understands your business and it all means better answers, faster. It may seem a touch cynical, but we believe our insistence on quality service makes us a more attractive proposition than any company that expects customers to wait in a call centre queue. I’m not too unhappy if a competitor of ours doesn’t believe in, or deliver, personal service.”