EUROWATCH, Europe’s leading service offering protection for vehicles and drivers across a pan-European network of security partners, plans to further develop the stolen vehicle tracking product in conjunction with motor manufacturers.

Offering the most comprehensive coverage via one service provider linked to the same security response system, and adapted to work on any motor manufacturer hardware.

By December 2010, the Interpol database held more than 7.15million records of reported stolen motor vehicles.  Close to 129 countries share their national stolen vehicle database records with Interpol and in 2010 more than 34,000 motor vehicles were discovered worldwide through this database.

EUROWATCH links stolen vehicle tracking data through to police and recovery operators in different countries.  Once located, the EUROWATCH network notifies the police in each country providing location details so that the stolen vehicles can be stopped and recovered.

Stuart Byrne, EUROWATCH’s Head of European Operations, commented:  “EUROWATCH provides the motor industry with a way to contact local police instantly in over 42 countries when a crime occurs as well as systematically collecting intelligence on security incidents occurring in the supply chain.”

At its core the industry-leading EUROWATCH service covers more than 42 countries and is seamlessly extended for North and South America, the Middle East, Russia and South Africa, as well as Australasia, China and India.  The service includes Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Alarm Monitoring and eCall and uniquely, connects with any GPS tracking device.