New products from TankCare UK include TankStream, a fuel quality and wetstock monitoring system for dispersed fuel storage installations. Designed to provide “real time” updates, the monitoring system works in conjunction with an integral fuel conditioning system which re-circulates and treats the wet-stock, to prevent contamination by microbial growth.

“Fuel oil is the life blood for any logistics support operations relying on road transport and standby power generation,” explains OTS Sales Director, Steve Gain.

“The introduction of higher content Bio fuels has resulted in greater amounts of water in suspension. If this is not treated immediately, the fuel quality can deteriorate very quickly, leading to breakdowns and loss of productivity.

“The nature of these risks change according to weather conditions. With high ambient temperatures the water promotes bacterial growth and as temperatures drop fuel oil becomes waxy – both conditions will give rise to poor performance on vehicles and plant.”

“Fleet managers want a more intelligent approach, allowing them to check the condition as well as the availability of fuel stocks.”

TankStream is a practical solution for remote monitoring, enabling real time stock readings and condition reports. The instrumentation will monitor up to eight tanks and eight sensor packs. Tank contents are polled every twenty seconds and the data is automatically uploaded to the Internet.

Real time stocks and alarms can be relayed by e-mail and the situation reports streamed to any web browser, either mobile or at any geographic location with access to the Internet. This gives the operator security control and the ability to be pro-active

The system can also be scaled up to incorporate “smart” control of pumps sets with the ability to reset fuel dispensers remotely via the web.

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