IVECO launches first fidelity program in the truck industry

IVECO Drivers Fidelity Club: the first loyalty program dedicated to heavy truck drivers that fosters safer, cost effective and more sustainable driving.

IVECO Drivers Fidelity Club: the first loyalty program dedicated to heavy truck drivers that fosters safer, cost effective and more sustainable driving.

The rewards system is based on the evaluation of the driving style and the kilometres covered with an IVECO truck. Drivers gain access to exclusive prizes and advantages driving safely and sustainably

Benefits of the program extend to the fleet owner, by fostering driver retention and optimizing costs

With the launch of the IVECO Drivers Fidelity Club, IVECO introduces the first fidelity program in the truck industry dedicated to the drivers’ community that rewards the driver’s virtuous behaviour: a pioneering novelty in the long haulage sector that derives from the customer-centric approach that drives IVECO’s entire strategy and is the hallmark of the brand. With the aim of enhancing the driver’s experience and taking inspiration from the retail world, IVECO has devised a loyalty program with a rewards system based on the mileage travelled by the driver and the safety of their driving style.

Carmelo Impelluso, Head of EMEA Commercial Operations, IVECO Truck Business Unit said: “With the launch of the IVECO S-Way we embraced driver-centric design, tailoring our vehicles around the life of the drivers to provide them with first-rate living and working conditions with a host of features and connected services. The new loyalty program takes this approach further, opening a new and exclusive community for drivers who share the common goal of improving their driving style, with positive knock-on effect on truck safety and fuel economy, and ultimately generating benefits on fleet owners as well, in terms of cost of ownership and driver retention.”

Joining the program is quick and easy. The driver just needs to download the IVECO ON Easy Way App, sign in directly from the app and enrol in the Drivers Fidelity Club. Once the vehicle is connected and the Driver Card is associated to their IVECO ON account, the driver can start driving earning then points.

The more they drive, the better they drive, the more points they earn, gaining access to an extensive catalogue of exclusive prizes and advantages. Drivers are classified in different levels according to their cumulative points: from Trucker entry level to Master, which entitles them to increasingly exclusive rewards.

The driving style score is calculated through specific algorithms that consider both vehicle and driver parameters relating to safety and sustainability, such as fuel consumption, vehicle care and road safety indicators. The driving style score can be monitored in real time on the Easy Way app and on the vehicle’s infotainment system. In addition, a new dedicated skill of Driver Pal (the IVECO on-board vocal driver companion built on Amazon Web Service) designed for the Drivers Fidelity Club will soon be introduced, allowing drivers to comfortably check their progress in the program while driving through Alexa voice commands.

The benefits of the IVECO Drivers Fidelity Club extend to fleet owners: the program fosters driver retention through the rewards system, while the driving style evaluation helps to maximize vehicle uptime, on-board safety, and fuel consumption. Ultimately, it optimizes costs for the fleet owner.

The IVECO Drivers Fidelity Club will be rolled out in Italy, France, Spain and Germany in a first stage.

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