Knights of Old, the Kettering-based transport and logistics specialists has embraced the R2C Online compliance management platform and expect to see immediate improvements in service scheduling, vehicle checks, equipment performance monitoring and compliance procedures.

Knights of Old truck

With over 127 vehicles and 197 trailers in the fleet and an operation which spans the UK, Ireland, Europe and global

forwarding, Knights of Old decided to switch from ‘pen and paper’ control systems to the more efficient R2C Online’s real-time compliance network, a web-based platform able to connect Knights and their third party repairers in real time.

Prior to R2C Online, Knights of Old, like most transport operations, were using paper and spread sheets which had to be manually updated.  This required considerable administrative effort and could cause delays, possible errors and increased cost.

Glenn Kitchen, Fleet Administrator for Knights of Old, explained that the company were invited to use R2C online as one of Truck East Wellingborough’s customers, who were themselves trialling the system.

“We have already loaded all our commercial fleet details, including trailers, onto R2C and are scheduling our inspections and MoT’s”, says Glenn. “Now we are in the process of adding our ancillary equipment such as tail lifts, cab phones, satellite tracking and our car fleet.”

“Apart from real-time access to all equipment records – useful for VOSA inspections – we now have electronic service sheets and real time job status updates provided by our supplier partners who are also on the platform, which avoids delays and improves accuracy.”

Knights of Old also plan to use the system to electronically pass all defects to their suppliers and book jobs in online. While daily driver checks will be completed via an R2C app installed on cab phones and subsequently booked into the workshop through the online R2C system.

“The system gives us end-to-end visibility on all jobs.” adds Glenn Kitchen. “This goes a long way to helping to ensure compliance and, due to the elimination of paper records, it will help to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Installation of the R2C system was managed by the R2C team and, according to Glenn, the technology is straight forward and easy to use.  In conclusion he sums up:

“The R2C Online system will help us run our fleet to the high standards that provide our customers with the excellent service and reliability they require.

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