Haulage firm Collett has achieved the mammoth task of delivering the world’s largest crane, the Sarens SGC-250, to the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant (HPC) site in Somerset.

The SGC will play a key role in constructing the HPC, which is currently the largest and most complex civil engineering project in the UK.

Transporting the crane posed a huge logistical challenge, so Collett was appointed to undertake all vessel discharge procedures, heavy lift services and heavy transport operations to deliver the crane in modular form.

Beginning in April, the operation took four months, and Collett undertook over 400 deliveries to the HPC site and successfully delivered all of the 3,000tonne parts.

Upon arrival at HPC, the Collett team worked two 12 hour shifts to discharge all the components that make up the 250m high crane. Collett utilised port cranes, mobile cranes and seven specialist vehicles, arranging and delivering each of the components to an agreed plan.

Collett systematically transported each of the cargoes to their designated storage plot, with each of the components successfully discharged within the tight 24 hour timescale and safely stored quayside ready for onward delivery.

Once constructed, the crane will be responsible for lifting HPC’s heaviest components. It is planned that more than 600 heavy fabrications, including the five major parts of each unit’s stell containment liner and dome will be positioned by the SGC-250.

For more information: www.collett.co.uk