AS 24 is adding new services and new stations to its range of fuel cards and toll badges to simplify operations across Europe

At 6.25 million km, the EU’s road network is second only to the US. Once you factor in countries outside the EU, like the UK and Russia, navigating Europe’s roads is a daunting prospect, taking in multiple different taxes, tolls and fuel prices.

AS 24 specialises in distributing fuel and services for transportation professionals. The company was founded in 1988. “The innovation at that time was to have an unmanned station open 24 hours per day, seven days a week,” Roland Saunion, Managing Director of AS24 UK & IRL, told FACTS.

“Consequently, AS24 created one of the first unmanned fully automated 24-hour fuel station and immediately became very popular with haulage and logistics companies.”

You shall pass

As 24 is present in 28 European countries with over 900 service stations and a network of 15,000 partner stations, all equipped to handle HGVs.

To help make pan-European logistics operations simple and cost-effective, AS24 provides a range of mobility services to transport professionals. In addition to fuel cards, AS 24 has recently invested in toll box technology.

The company’s PASSango toll badge provides transport operators with access to discounts when passing tolls throughout Europe. It also comes with a number of services to simplify managing fleet vehicles.

“The PASSango Europe toll badge provides you with a single box on your windscreen to pay for tolls and taxes in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and very soon Germany on one single invoice. You also have the optional add-on of ‘Europilot’ geolocation services where hauliers can track their fleet in real time,” said Roland.

As tolls and taxes become more complex and country specific, PASSango provides a simple method for passing tolls. “The key thing with AS24 is we own our toll boxes,” said Roland. “We are not a reseller of another company’s toll box.

“Our PASSango toll boxes are equipped with GPS to track and pay remotely as well as ‘short wave’ to open motorway entrances and exit barriers. With our toll boxes, you do not have to put multiple boxes on your windscreen – you have all your toll costs on one invoice. All the information can be transferred remotely on your secured customer area by your fleet manager.

“Our toll boxes are designed to simplify logistic professionals’ paying for tolls and taxes across Europe so they can run their business smoothly and efficiently with no disruptions.”

Discounts where they count

“Fuel price mechanisms can be very confusing for our customers,” said Roland. “We pride ourselves on providing a transparent and competitive fuel price where we clearly explain the taxes. The taxes consist of VAT and excise duty that haulage companies are entitled to claim back through our sister company EuroVAT.

“We can claim back the VAT in Europe as well as a diesel tax rebates, which are around 20% plus 0.157 euros per litre in France or 0.277 euros per litre in Belgium.”

The AS 24 Fuel Card provides secure access to more than 980 service stations in over 28 European countries. It is fully customisable and adjustable to an operator’s needs. AS 24’s Eurotrafic card gives access to toll and station networks in Europe as well as facilitating foreign tax payments. They also allow an operator to refill red diesel, AdBlue® and gas oil.

“In addition, we send all our customers their prices for diesel and other products each Friday for the UK and all of Europe so they know exactly what they will pay for fuel products. We even highlight additional discounts at our Premium sites across the UK and Europe where we have better commercial terms and can offer even cheaper prices for fuel to our customers.

“We understand that fuel is one of the biggest costs for the haulage and logistics sector, so we always want to ensure our fuel prices are as competitive and consistent as possible. There are also no hidden fees on our invoices and our work with Total means availability and fuel quality are never an issue.”

Expansion plans

AS 24 aims to maximise its European coverage by adding additional HGV fuel stations in Germany, bringing the total to 150 stations. “Our European team have been working hard for years with the German authorities to go through the long and demanding accreditation process for our PASSango Europe Toll Boxes to meet their requirements.

“We are now in the final pilot phase with some of our customers using the PASSango toll boxes in Germany. Our objective is to get the accreditation in May this year.”

Once ready, AS 24 will provide a remote update for all existing PASSango Europe Toll boxes users to activate Germany. This will minimise any disruption and eliminate the need to order new toll boxes have access Germany.

In addition, AS 24 will add a new service to its line-up – FindIT. “This is the new connected solution which simplifies the management of your trailer fleet,” Roland said. “The principle is simple: an autonomous box to be fitted in five minutes on your trailer, with an autonomy of five years, which locates your trailer and sends you an alert when it is not where it should be.

“You can thus access all your trailers at a glance via your customer area. FindIT also makes it possible to signal unauthorised unhooking between the tractor and the trailer. New developments are currently under way to offer even more innovative features such as geofencing.”

In response to environmental concerns, AS 24 is looking to offer compressed natural gas at its European service stations. “We understand with climate change, many companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint so it is very important to us to be able to assist with these positive changes.”

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