Maple logoThe theft of Catalytic Converters from commercial vehicles has risen dramatically over the past couple of years. The current trend is now seeing CV dealers, vehicle auctioneers & forecourts specifically targeted, with the lure of a large number of vehicles proving an attractive proposition for thieves.

In response to this targeted crime-wave Maple Fleet Services have developed CatGuard Instant, a Catalytic Converter alarm that can be fitted temporarily whilst vehicles are on location. The alarm, which is also available for permanent installation, is provided with a portable fitting kit enabling the alarm to be moved from one vehicle to another in a just a few minutes.

“We’ve been listening and working with vehicle dealerships who themselves have been victims to cat theft. In many instances they are removing the catalytic converter until a vehicle is sold or moved on – obviously at significant time and cost implications. CatGuard Instant provides a genuine solution and it can even be converted to a permanent install and sold with the vehicle,” commented Paul Nunn, Marketing Manger, Maple Fleet Services.

The CatGuard alarm is suitable for almost any commercial vehicle. A specifically designed sensor, which can differentiate between mechanical movements such as door closures and an actual attack, is located on the exhaust system and wired to a high decibel siren. In the event of attempted attack the siren will sound continuously for up to five minutes, for vehicles that are particularly vulnerable the alarm can even be connected to an autodialer, providing SMS notification of alarm incidents.

Offering the same high level of security as the permanent application, the portable kit allows the device to be moved quickly between vehicles, making it ideal for users such as commercial vehicle dealerships and auctioneers.

“Replacing a stolen Catalytic Converter can cost upwards of £1,500, this is before factoring in other damage caused to the vehicle as a result of the removal. CatGuard Instant offers CV dealers with a practical solution to protect themselves against this evolving threat,” added Paul.