Mediafleet used its WrapidCoat technology to show off the electric van’s green credentials

Fleet graphics and branding specialist Mediafleet is undertaking one of the most high-profile contracts in its history – delivering the livery on 190 new electric vans for the Royal Mail. The 100% electric vehicles will use Mediafleet’s colour coating system WrapidCoat.

The spray-vinyl application for changing the factory colour of vehicles sees the new Royal Mail vans branded in a striking shade of green with the traditional red colour appearing to be ‘pealed back’; this is to reflect their environmentally-friendly credentials.

To date, Mediafleet has completed nearly all the 190 zero carbon emission Mercedes-Benz eVito and Peugeot Partner vans. Over the next few days the remainder of this tranche of electric vans will be similarly liveried.

All the vehicles will deliver letters, parcels and cards to the doors of customers across selected areas in London and the southeast of England and join 100 other electric vans already deployed by Royal Mail.

It is the first time that Mediafleet has undertaken vehicle branding on behalf of the Royal Mail, which operates the UK’s largest fleet of more than 47,000 vehicles, including 41,500 vans.

Mediafleet managing director Barnaby Smith said: “Winning such a prestigious and high-profile contract from the Royal Mail further underlines Mediafleet’s vehicle branding expertise. A contact within Royal Mail had past experience of our work and recommended Mediafleet to undertake the branding on the electric vans as the job had to be completed urgently to meet operational requirements.”

Smith continued: “Royal Mail’s branding team saw the potential of a unique vehicle livery to promote the new electric vans, which were to be delivered as white vans.

“Mediafleet was engaged to assist with artwork production and facilitate prototype design and we also had the capability to handle the volume of vehicles. The electric vans have been being delivered by the manufacturers to our Witney headquarters. We have then undertaken the branding work and arranged delivery of the vehicles to Royal Mail.”

WrapidCoat has been engineered to cut vehicle branding costs and the time it takes to remove traditionally applied corporate colours at defleet time. It can deliver savings of up to 40% for a fleet considering wrapping or spraying vans to achieve a base colour, with branding subsequently applied and takes half the time to remove than a vinyl wrap on a mid-size van.

Smith noted: “We can take large volumes of commercial vehicles straight from a factory and colour-coat them at speed and to a standard that is indistinguishable from paint. A liquid at application stage, WrapidCoat also gives a quality finish beyond that which can be achieved through conventional vinyl wrapping processes. Once coated with WrapidCoat a fleet will have an ‘as painted’ finish but with all the removability of a wrap.”

He concluded: “Royal Mail is the most recent high-profile fleet to utilise WrapidCoat for new vehicles and I anticipate more will follow.

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