Engineers working for one of Europe’s leading heating technology manufacturers are using new, low-emission Mercedes-Benz vans to visit the homes of customers nationwide and service their boilers.

Vaillant Group UK, which has a production facility in Belper, Derbyshire, has acquired 11 Euro 5 Sprinter 313CDIs from Derby dealer Mertrux. Racked out by Edstrom, of Corby, the Short-length vans serve as mobile workshops.

The latest, 313CDI model is 15% more fuel efficient than the 311CDI it replaced. That equates to an extra 4.5 miles per gallon, while CO2 emissions are down by 13%.

Vaillant’s order represents an important breakthrough and a major opportunity for Mercedes-Benz – the vast majority of the operator’s 235 vans were supplied by another manufacturer but following enthusiastic driver feedback further orders for vehicles bearing the three-pointed-star could now follow.

Heather Gaunt, Fleet Administrator at Vaillant, said: “We strive always to provide staff with the best working environment. Our drivers spend a lot of their time on the road and their response to these Mercedes-Benz vehicles has been very positive – they clearly appreciate the comfort and easy driveability of their new Sprinters, not to mention the kudos that comes with the brand.

“Conveying the right impression, not only to our customers but also to the general public who see our vehicles out and about, is vital,” she continued. “And with the Mercedes-Benz badge leading the way, we have every confidence that our good name is in safe hands.”

As well as the Sprinter’s competitive running costs and brand image, Vaillant took account of its reputation for reliability and impressive armoury of active and passive safety features, which includes the latest Adaptive ESP stability system.

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