Cartwright has launched a revolutionary new integral tail-lift for its product range, which features a fixed control (instead of the conventional ‘wander-led’ control) that travels with the lift – reducing the prospect of damage particularly between the wires and platform.

Cartwright claim that repair and maintenance compared to traditional tail-lifts will be a lot less.

The new tail-lift has a two tonne capacity and is designed to be integral with the rear frame of the trailer. The integral tail-lift design can be applied to any kind of trailer manufactured by Cartwright.

Normally trailers are built with a back frame and a tail-lift is purchased separately. This involves duplication of materials and increases cost and weight. By making the back frame and tail-lift at the same time, customers can benefit from cost savings and savings on weight which enhances fuel savings and reduces customers’ carbon footprint.

The Cartwright tail-lift is very user-friendly and  has improved the problem of lots of wires being exposed as operators simply pivot the safety gates out, rather than having to lift them. “This is yet another added value benefit to customers buying Cartwrights – whether it be a rigid or a double deck trailer,” commented Director Steven Cartwright.