tachographStoneridge has launched the new SE5000 Exakt, One Minute Rule digital tachograph, now with Duo technology. The tachograph received Type Approval on March 27 and following last year’s One Minute Rule savings is again the first in the market place to be offering a product with exciting new features which will help drivers organise and manage their driving time more efficiently.

The new features will provide drivers with real time information on their current situation, including countdowns on drive and rest times, as well as giving useful warnings when nearing the driving limits (including 9 hours daily driving time, maximum daily drive time and weekly and bi-weekly drive time). Peter Hafmar, Product Manager for Tachographs at Stoneridge Electronics, said: “We know that over 75% of Drivers’ Hours offences detected by enforcement authorities are down to miscalculations on drive or break/rest times and so we designed Duo to help drivers manage these easily and keep within the Drivers’ Hours legislation.”

Furthermore, Duo maximises driver and vehicle utilisation and allows drivers to easily handle deviations from pre-planned schedules and, coming as standard in the new model there is no extra cost for these features. Stoneridge understands the importance to fleets of saving costs in these difficult economic times and to this end has also developed a free online Training tool to help fleets and drivers find out about Duo and get started with digital tachographs. The useful instruction videos and tutorials mean that as soon as a fleet switches to the SE5000 Exakt Duo, they’ll be able to reap the benefits of the pioneering new technology built in to the first ‘One Minute Rule’ tachograph.

The SE5000 Exakt Duo is also 2nd source of motion ready in line with the new 1266/2009 legislation due to come in later in the year, and will continue to offer the One minute rule time savings which have seen fleets benefiting from an average of 45 minutes extra driving time per driver per day.

For more information: www.SE5000Exakt.com