Now operators of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of bulk fuel prices

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In a move designed to help the transport industry mitigate the effects of ever-rising fuel prices, Scania is introducing its own fuel card.

 Scania Fuel Card imageIn a move designed to help the transport industry mitigate the effects of ever-rising fuel prices, Scania is introducing its own fuel card.  

Available to all UK transport operators from single-vehicle owner-drivers upwards, the Scania Fuel Card will enable companies of all sizes to enjoy bulk fuel prices.

In practice, the Scania Fuel Card will work like a cooperative; by joining forces and purchasing fuel together through a single source – in this case, Scania – the buying power of each individual operator is enhanced.  Operators can apply for the Scania Fuel Card by calling 0844 870 6937 or visiting

“While larger fleets are able to benefit from bulk purchases of fuel, the same does not hold true for smaller operators,” says David Hickman, Director – Services Development and Service Sales for Scania (Great Britain) Limited.

“Not only does that cost them, it also puts them at a considerable competitive disadvantage.  So the Scania Fuel Card has been specifically designed with owner-drivers and smaller fleets in mind – although we’d be happy to welcome larger players into the scheme too.”

The service will be administered for Scania by The Fuelcard People, which is part of DCC plc, one of the largest fuel distributors in the UK. The Fuelcard People already has 145,000 fuel cards in use, which between them account for seven million transactions a year.

With no card charges for the first 12 months, the Scania Fuel Card programme offers a choice of fuel networks, meaning there is a card that’s right for every operation.  Regardless of the supplier-network option selected, the Scania Fuel Card offers a host of benefits in addition to low prices:

Industry-benchmark pricing

With all prices based on the Platts pricing model, the Scania Fuel Card provides a highly competitive way in which to purchase diesel.  Prices are notified in advance by email or text and fixed for seven days – with no regional variations.

Free to join

The Scania Fuel Card is offered free to all operators for the first 12 months.  Thereafter a nominal and discounted charge will apply.  One card is issued per vehicle operated, with no limit on the number of cards held.

Dedicated named account manager

One major benefit of the Scania Fuel Card is that it does not use a call centre to deal with enquiries.  All contacts with the Scania Fuel Card service are handled by named account managers who are specialists in their field.

Card Protect zero-liability insurance

Secure and at no risk to the operator, Scania Fuel cards can only be used to purchase diesel and are covered by zero-liability insurance in the event of loss or theft. (Terms and conditions apply)

Regular fuel reporting

With bespoke reports available online 24/7, operators are able to gain an in-depth understanding of their fuel purchasing patterns as never before.

Pay-as-you-go option

In addition to monthly payment terms (subject to status), a pay-as-you-go option is offered, meaning the Scania Fuel Card is available to all.

No minimum spend

With no strings attached in terms of how much is spent every month, the Scania Fuel Card is a fully flexible way in which to purchase fuel with operators retaining control and choice at all times.

And for operators currently storing their own fuel:

The Scania Fuel Card offers an ideal solution which allows yard space to be freed up and maintenance and compliance worries to be done away with.  No more management time is wasted on shopping around for the best price and no more stocking costs mean improved cash flow.



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