Openreach’s 8,500 Charging Points Empower Electric Fleet Transition

Openreach, the second-largest fleet operator in the UK with over 30,000 vehicles, has partnered with Ground Control to install 8,500 electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

The initiative is part of Openreach’s goal to transition its entire vehicle fleet to electric by 2030. These charging points will be strategically placed outside engineers’ homes and at key Openreach sites, ensuring convenient access for the fleet.

Andrew Kirkby, senior manager for sustainability at Openreach, expressed the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and praised Ground Control’s expertise in the EV charging infrastructure space. The installation of charging points at engineers’ homes not only aligns with Openreach’s sustainability objectives but also provides the engineers with the necessary range and peace of mind to fulfill their duties while keeping customers connected.

In line with Openreach’s dedication to supporting British manufacturing, the company intends to source electrical equipment and hardware locally whenever possible. This commitment to domestic suppliers reflects Openreach’s strategic partnership with Ground Control, as they work together to achieve Openreach’s goal of a fully electric fleet by 2030. Ground Control, in pursuit of their own target of a fully electric fleet by 2025, brings valuable expertise and experience to the partnership.

This collaboration between Openreach and Ground Control builds upon their previous joint endeavor called ‘OpenWood,’ a woodland-creation project in Lincolnshire that involved planting over 3,000 young trees. Both companies are also founding members of EV100, a global initiative dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles across various industries.

Catherine Colloms, MD for corporate affairs and brand at Openreach, emphasized the company’s commitment to becoming a net-zero business and transitioning the majority of their commercial van fleet to zero emissions by 2030. She highlighted the importance of government support in supplying charging infrastructure and called for the implementation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate to drive decarbonization efforts forward. Openreach, alongside other major fleet operators in the UK Electric Fleets Coalition, has been advocating for ambitious sales targets for ZEVs.

In March, the government released its ZEV mandate proposals, which would require manufacturers to sell a specific proportion of EVs leading up to 2030. Openreach’s partnership with Ground Control and their initiatives underscore the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability and taking a leading role in the transition to electric vehicles.

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