PODFather integrated into global logistics company systems

Warehouse One, based in Winsford, Cheshire, provide warehouse and distribution services to clients throughout UK and Ireland.

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Warehouse One, based in Winsford, Cheshire, provide warehouse and distribution services to clients throughout UK and Ireland.

The company has recently invested the PODFather suite of software, directly integrating it into one of their major clients’ global freight forwarding systems to ensure all UK road transport information is communicated to their Import and Export staff electronically – and in real-time – to help improve their audit trail and reduce communication costs.

Warehouse One provides a range of warehousing and trucking services to Expeditors International Limited, one of the top five Global Logistics providers. When originally tendering for the business, Warehouse One were aware that Expeditors was seeking a partner who could optimise management reporting and proof-of-delivery notification.

Warehouse One Director, Liam Lee stated “When we began to explain that the PODFather system could be linked into their freight management system to provide PODs in real-time Expeditors became very interested in this concept.

But the PODFather system is about more than just proof of delivery. For example, Warehouse One transport staff have access to the PODFather scheduling systems for load building and vehicle tracking, and all drivers are equipped with a robust handheld running the PODFather PDA software. This displays full manifests to the drivers, allowing them to indicate to the central system when goods have been collected and delivered, capturing customer signature, time and location stamps at each critical point.

“Another advantage of the PODFather PDA system is its simplicity of use means operators do not require extensive training. It’s really no more complicated than using a mobile phone or sending a text message,” says Liam Lee.

The PODFather system offers a number of other user benefits. For instance, the backoffice system allows jobs to be booked into the system, with tariffs and costs set for each consignment. Traffic Planning facilities are available to allocate jobs to your drivers and vehicles, and calculate ETAs for multi-drop runs.

The Tracking module of the PODFather system runs on the driver’s PDA, and is fully integrated with the backoffice booking and despatch systems to give both staff and customers visibility of the location of the drivers and jobs.

The PODFather’s handheld system allows drivers to download manifests, confirm when goods are collected and when they are delivered. PODs can be customised to match existing paperwork; adding photographs, customer names and signatures.

The system runs locally on the PDA, and operates on any mobile network, anywhere in the world. Users can sign off jobs outside network coverage and they sync when drivers are back in range.

The Invoicing section of the PODFather ensures all PODs are invoiced as soon as they are complete. Uninvoiced PODs can be processed either individually, or as a batch. Processed invoices are generated in PDF format, and a batch export file is available for integration with third-party accounts systems, e.g. SAGE.

The PODFather system has also been designed with systems integration in mind. It is purposefully simple to link with existing systems and push jobs out to driver PDAs. Completed PODs can then be downloaded back into these systems within seconds of them being completed.

Liam Lee, concludes: “Integrating PODFather into the business has been a great success and we now use the system for both transport management, and helping us secure new major contracts.

“We have an excellent partnership with PODFather who are very flexible and approach our business needs with a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

For more information: 0131 553 0400 or www.thepodfather.com



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