Radius to provide HVO fuelling through UK Fuels networks

Radius, a prominent fuel card provider and operator of the UK Fuels network, has made an important addition to its fuel offerings by introducing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to its network.

This move allows Radius customers to access this renewable diesel alternative at various strategically situated truck stops across the UK Fuels network, marking another stride in the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Through the convenience of their fuel cards, Radius customers will be able to refuel their vehicles with HVO, a diesel substitute derived from waste products rather than new crops. This characteristic renders HVO an exceptionally eco-friendly fuel source capable of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. Moreover, its usage can potentially extend the lifespan of business vehicles’ engines.

Radius plans to establish 50 HVO refueling sites within its e-route site locator by the end of the current year, all of which will be accessible via its fuel card system. This effort dovetails with Radius’ ongoing endeavors to support fleet customers in adopting environmentally conscious solutions without disrupting their regular operations.

The announcement follows Radius’ recent collaboration with Element 2, a prominent hydrogen infrastructure company in the UK. This partnership aims to develop a network of hydrogen refueling options within Radius’ existing UK Fuels network, further bolstering the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

In the upcoming months, Radius intends to unveil additional HVO locations through customer network updates, in collaboration with various partners across the UK. Additionally, for customers equipped with their own bulk storage tanks, Radius will facilitate HVO deliveries, enabling these businesses to refill sustainably at their own premises.

Jonathan Haseler, the Managing Director for the UK and Ireland at Radius, emphasized that the company’s strategy revolves around fostering sustainable mobility for its customers. The HVO network extension and the partnership with Element 2 are part of a broader effort that includes initiatives like the carbon offset program “Radius Future,” hybrid EV charge cards, and other innovations aimed at aiding customers in their pursuit of sustainability.

Customers utilizing Radius’ UK Fuels cards to acquire HVO can conveniently manage transactions, alongside their regular fuel purchases, through the online account management platform called Radius Velocity. This tool empowers fleet managers to analyze fuel expenditures by criteria such as driver, location, time, and volume, enabling informed decisions to enhance fuel efficiency.

Radius, beyond its fuel card services, offers a wide array of fleet, mobility, and connectivity solutions, including telematics, vehicle leasing, business telephony, insurance, and electric vehicle options. To explore these offerings and learn more about the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility, interested parties can visit the Radius website.

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