Reverse Alarm Inhibitors photo

Vehicle safety specialist, Vision Techniques has introduced an inventive and fail-safe system, which could prove invaluable to road safety during the 2012 London Olympics this July.

Transport for London (TfL) has issued a code of conduct for London delivery drivers encouraging them to switch off their reversing alarms at night during the Olympics games.

The code of conduct, which also asks lorry drivers not to shout, whistle or listen to the radio at that time, is designed to limit disruption to local residents.

During the Olympics, there will also be more deliveries than usual overnight due to a scheme aimed at reducing daytime congestion, which will result in loading bays being closed.

Vision Techniques’ Reverse Alarm Inhibitor system can prevent potential delivery vehicle accidents during the Olympics by ensuring the reversing alarm is not left switched off during the day.

It is specifically designed for urban areas at night where alarms could disturb residents, allowing drivers to disable audible alarms before engaging reverse gear.

The Reverse Alarm Inhibitor system automatically resets itself as soon as the driver disengages reverse gear and selects a forward gear.

Michael Hanson, Managing Director at Vision Techniques, said: “Unlike other systems, the Reverse Alarm Inhibitor can never be left turned off.

“It has to be a conscious decision by the driver after he has made sure his reversing procedure is safe.

“The innovative, yet simple device will prevent vehicle operators from having to worry about leaving reversing alarms switched off.

“It is important for delivery drivers to understand the importance of vehicle safety and vehicle reversing alarms are one of the most important aspects of this.”

The alarm inhibitor includes dash mounted switch and potted inhibitor terminal box. It can be purchased separately or complete with an AVR80 reverse alarm.

London Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy said the challenges surrounding deliveries at the London Olympics were ‘considerable’.

Nick Lester, corporate director for services at London Councils, told the BBC: “London’s councils are working hard to ensure that businesses can keep running as smoothly as possible during the games and to minimise disruption to residents.”

Vision Techniques has been an innovator in vehicle safety for over 20 years, focussing on specialist equipment for almost any industry.

The company works with its clients to produce new, innovative products, with a range of reversing alarms, reversing sensors, auto braking systems and vehicle CCTV equipment.

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