Brake, the road safety charity, is running a free webinar providing expert information and advice for employers and fleet and road safety professionals, protecting vulnerable road users.

The webinar will be held on 16 July 2019 and delivered as part of Global Fleet Champions, a new not-for-profit global campaign to prevent crashes and reduce pollution caused by vehicles used for work purposes. Global Fleet Champions is free and shares training, tools, and guidance on global fleet safety best practice with its members, as well as networking and development opportunities.

The webinar, Protecting vulnerable users, sponsored by MiX Telematics, will discuss how to raise awareness among employees about the dangers that vulnerable road users face and the measures that can be introduced to protect them, the latest safety systems available and how they can be used to help prevent crashes and mitigate the outcomes of crashes, and how engaging with local communities and lobbying local and national governments can bring about road safety change.

Attendance at the webinar is free, and you can register by booking online.

Sarah Plumb, Senior Fleet Officer at Brake, said: “Cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable groups on the roads. In the event of a crash, they will often be exposed to the full force of the impact and will face a disproportionately high risk of death or serious injury. Fleet managers need to ensure measures are in place to protect vulnerable road users and this webinar will provide essential guidance.”

Jonathan Bates, Marketing Director, Europe at MiX Telematics said: “Technology is one key element in the toolbox available to fleet operators to help protect vulnerable road users and to reduce their risks associated to driving. This webinar will describe how technology coupled with expertise in how to deploy it successfully can make a big positive impact.”

For more information: Global Fleet Champions