By Nick Caesari, CEO, Fleet Source

Fleet Source will launch its training package next year to promote safe driving

Fleet professionals and commercial drivers don’t need me to tell them that the responsibilities and challenges of safe driving do not end once they emerge from city boundaries.

With latest Department of Transport figures revealing that of the 189 billion tonne kilometres per year of domestic freight moved within the UK, 78% is by road, accounting for some 18.6 billion kms travelled – the industry is well aware that in addition to urban area driving, motorways and rural routes are a major part of their journey planning.

Which is why Fleet Source is launching a comprehensive training package – Safe UK Driving – early next year, encompassing our complete FORS and CLOCS accredited Safe Urban Driving course elements, but widening the focus to include vital knowledge and techniques for motorway and rural driving.

We’re also adding a Virtual Reality solution as an alternative to on-cycle training for drivers, so they can be fully immersed in a cyclist’s world and the challenges they face, but from a classroom base.

Our VR packages are receiving really positive feedback from early adopters and we’re planning to widen our scope across other training packages, including those which address environmental issues and responsibilities.

Our Safe, Green and Efficient CPC module is proving extremely popular with fleet managers, particularly in terms of the “pick and mix” flexibility they have, selecting two from our wide range of 3.5-hour courses, to make up their seven-hour FORS training requirements.

We’re fully committed to continuously improving environmental awareness for drivers and our CPC-accredited training covers fuel-efficient driving techniques, use of in-vehicle technology, journey planning, vehicle checks and maintenance and the use of alternative fuels.

Van driver training is also a major part of our fleet training portfolio and with vans increasingly used in terrorism incidents both at home and abroad, we’re introducing a tailored version of our Terrorism Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) course.

Taking van drivers through incidents no-one wants to face, we cover vehicle security, theft prevention, hijack procedures and other potential crisis scenarios, to ensure they have the knowledge and awareness to mitigate any situation they might face.

Our commitment across every aspect of our training package portfolio is to give drivers and operators the knowledge, tools and experience to help save lives. Anyone in our industry who has had the misfortune to be involved in a major incident, knows how traumatic that can be.

The feedback we get from drivers who have completed VRU training with us is always incredibly gratifying. From the most experienced to the newly qualified, there is a real sense that putting themselves in the position of the pedestrian or cyclist, gives them a much better understanding of the responsibilities and challenges they face.

The true cost of a fatality – both emotionally and financially; for the victim of a collision and the driver and operator – cannot be underestimated.

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