Vision Techniques has recently announced that, after a long period of development and consultation with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), their emergency vehicle braking system STOPSAFE has received accreditation.

The system has been developed following the Glasgow tragedy in 2014 where a driver lost consciousness while at the wheel of a moving refuse lorry, resulting in six deaths and leaving 15 people injured. At the time of the enquiry, technical experts were brought in to examine the vehicle. The question was posed; could anything be done to prevent a similar crash in the future? The inquiry heard from these experts that an emergency button or automated braking system could be added to such vehicles in future.

Steve Hurd, Manging Director of vehicle safety supplier Vision Techniques, said: “We were all extremely shocked by the events in Glasgow and we set our technical team the objective of preventing a tragedy like this from happening again. Working together with a number of councils, private waste companies and the VCA, we have designed STOPSAFE to eradicate the risk of this type of incident should it re-occur in the municipal industry or any other crewed vehicle.”

The system reduces a vehicle’s speed while simultaneously bringing it to a controlled stop using the braking system. The system is activated using a secure emergency lever installed to the vehicle dashboard, allowing the crew to react to an emergency situation should the driver become incapacitated.

Developed to work universally across any manufacturer’s vehicle and suitable for both new build and retrofit, Vision Techniques plan to offer STOPSAFE to every council in the country.

Steve added: “We are aware that other products have been developed but so far, they have all failed to get approval. We are the only manufacturer to get accreditation from the VCA, something we are very proud of.

“Our team have been up against many obstacles and worked tirelessly on this development; it has not been an easy task. However, we have never given up and been extremely tenacious to ensure this product was successfully produced and available to the market in line with the tribunal experts’ suggestions.

“As a major supplier to this industry, the Glasgow incident affected everyone that works within it, including ourselves. Our purpose is to protect, and we have genuinely made it our mission to ensure that this type of accident does not happen again.”

The product is due to launch this summer and will form part of Vision Techniques’ safety portfolio.

For more information: Vision Techniques