SNAP Access & Security provides HGV locations advice about the latest security technologies

The security division of SNAP, more commonly known as SNAP Access & Security, are expecting a big year in 2020. They will be kicking off the decade by completing their security installation at the new Extra MSA in Leeds, at Skelton Lake Services. The Access & Security team will be fitting the site with CCTV, ANPR and Payment Terminals to enhance its safety and ensure efficiency.

A TAPA report from December 2019 revealed that cargo crime was costing the industry €293,000 every day. SNAP Access & Security was launched to combat this threat by providing HGV locations with a catalogue of leading security technologies which are bespoke to the sector. A SNAP Access & Security installation helps to deter criminal activity, protect revenue and maintain business reputations.

Who are SNAP Access & Security?

Although SNAP Access & Security launched in 2017, they have swiftly become an industry expert. The team have successfully installed security products at over 20 HGV locations throughout the UK and Europe, including Polley Lorry Park in Calais, Lymm Truckwash and Sutterton Truckstop. They have also worked with five Extra MSA locations throughout the UK, introducing ANPR and Payment Terminals to their sites, giving drivers a self-service payment option and increasing Extra’s revenue by 20% in the process.

SNAP’s A&S team is made up of skilled engineers who have over 20 combined years’ experience, working within the communications and security department for the local Police Constabulary, installing domestic, commercial and roadside security systems.

Ben Sheldrake is the SNAP A&S Manager and he explains: “The access and security technologies which we supply and install for HGV locations greatly enhance the safety of vehicles and their cargo. Our processes involve visiting sites, evaluating their existing infrastructure and recommending the best technologies to improve premises safety and prevent crime.”

The security technologies that SNAP Access & Security can install include ANPR, CCTV, Access Control, Automated Barriers, Perimeter Fencing and Payment Terminals. A combination of these products can be coordinated to provide a complete security solution.

Simon McGraw, Estate Park Manager at Heywood Distribution Park said: “As the manager of the site, I dealt with SNAP Access and Security to install six digital ANPR cameras, which have to quickly identify and open barriers for over 1,000 vehicles a day. The security system enables us to monitor vehicles coming in and out the site.”

SNAP A&S in 2020

With cargo crime rates showing no immediate sign of slowing down, SNAP Access & Security will have a big part to play in 2020. There is an ever-growing demand for increased security at HGV locations and SNAP A&S have the tools to make this happen.

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