“We are making more changes and adding more functionality this year than we have in the past five years,” says Simon Bunegar, Head of Marketing and Business Development at the Transport Exchange Group.

Change appears to be the only constant at the Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange. These collaborative logistics platforms, which allow transport firms to source and post deliveries to generate revenue, be more efficient and reduce empty miles, are continuing to expand and develop to cater for the growing and varied demands of their members.

According to Simon Bunegar, who joined the Transport Exchange Group around three years ago, there were only around 20-30 staff members when he began his tenure.

“Now, there are 70,” commented Simon, speaking exclusively to FACTS. “That includes three large IT Development teams, and we now have an entire team dedicated towards the education and upskilling of our members.”

The Exchange Academy
Simon and the team at the Transport Exchange Group recognise the potential of all members. So, in a bid to democratise access to commercial transport and expand their capabilities, the Exchange Academy has been launched.

“The Exchange Academy is there for people and companies who have ticked all the legal boxes – the right licences, insurance policies, fleets of vehicles and so forth – but need mentoring or guidance to fully realise their potential,” said Simon.

Available free of charge to members, the Exchange Academy is a multi-step process of e-learning and tuition that teaches key lessons about how to survive and thrive in the transport industry. This includes lessons on how to maximise efficiency and remain compliant but also includes tips on how company staff can maintain a positive work-life balance.

“After having run the Academy for a while now, we are seeing increased rates of tutees flourishing in the industry, as opposed to struggling in the first six months as we have seen previously. This programme is going to become an integral part of our offering as it has had a very demonstrable impact on member retention, training and the diversity of ability available on the Exchange.”

17 April 2018 marks the date for the Regional Awards at the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester.

2018 Transport Exchange Member Evenings – SAVE THE DATES!

The Transport Exchange Group is changing the format of its member awards and networking events for 2018. Over the years, members have requested more regional events that are easier to attend and fit into their busy schedules. In response to these suggestions, a series of three Regional Awards events will be held in 2018:

17th April – Imperial War Museum North, Manchester
1st May – Mercedes World, Weybridge
15th May – Think Tank, Birmingham

“We have looked at the locations which would work the best across our membership and confirmed some fantastic venues in Manchester, Weybridge and Birmingham as the most conveniently accessible,” commented Simon. “For the first time, this Regional Awards event series is going to be free for our members to attend. The evening will involve a mix of networking, presentations, Q&A, awards and food. We will also be previewing beta versions of new functionality that will soon be added to the Exchange. I strongly encourage our members to sign up now!”

To register your interest: www.transportexchangegroup.com/transport-awards/2018-awards/

ThinkTank, Birmingham

Building bridges with Rooster Racing

The team at the Transport Exchange Group are also looking for opportunities to mix business with pleasure and build their community in the process.

“We are hoping to offer our members and staff the chance to have a bit of fun,” said Simon. “We have a potential partnership coming up with the team at Rooster Racing, who we are hoping to support as sponsors but also from a technological perspective. The Rooster Racing team are a great group of people and we look forward to working with them soon.”

Branded customer tracking portals for a personalised experience
A personal touch in the business world is always well-received. With this in mind, the Transport Exchange Group is in ‘very late stage testing’ of a single-click branded customer tracking portal functionality.

“Let us say that you are a transport company and you have a large contract with a major supermarket,” said Simon. “At any given time, you will have one or more pieces of work with that supermarket. What we have built into the Exchange platforms is a dispatcher or a manager profile functionality. Using that profile, you can log in to our system, type in the email address of your client contact at the major supermarket, assign a username or a password and click send.

“As soon as you do that, your client contact receives a link. That link then takes them to a page with your branding that has a highly interactive map showing the status – on time, delayed, late, colour coded, filterable – of every job that your company is currently doing for them in real time.

“If you are a multinational, I am sure you already have these tools. If you are a 20-vehicle transport firm, I bet you do not. Furthermore, I bet you cannot afford to develop it. We can give that to our members in one click, which is a big deal. It allows our members to compete with the very largest organisations in the world.

“As all Exchange members can work with all other members’ vehicles, this also means not only do small companies have a network that is comparable to the big, global players, but they can now offer levels of customer service equivalent to these big players.

“I believe this is going to be a major playing field leveller,” concluded Simon. “The smallest of companies will be able to offer similar levels of technical sophistication and customer service as the largest companies, and in doing so, open themselves up to countless opportunities for growth and success.”

With the Transport Exchange platforms changing and growing every day, and with many more additions to come, the rise of collaborative logistics platforms looks far from over.

For more information: 0844 225 3500, www.courierexchange.co.uk or www.haulageexchange.co.uk