Visibility and compliance is key in fleet and workshop operations.

Blue Crystal have provided a diverse range of software platforms to the commercial vehicle industry for over a decade.

Software is becoming a bigger necessity in fleet and workshop operations. As the commercial vehicle industry continues to evolve, fleet operators are embracing software as a compliance tool to achieve unparalleled transparency into their fleet compared to paper, enabling them to view key information like service dates and compliance data such as walkarounds and defects. Workshops are following suit in this aspect with software to give their customers a prompt and tailored experience regarding service sheets and invoicing while also achieving better visibility within their own operations, like technician efficiency and productivity.

Good software can give invaluable insights to keep your business competitive. Blue Crystal has been an active software provider to the commercial vehicle industry for over 10 years and boasts over 30 years of operational experience which enriches the software with multiple features and logical operating procedures.

The rental & fleet management system

Blue Crystal offer RFM, their flagship software package, to workshops and commercial operators alike. The main module CoWorks is responsible for the core information and processing of compliance data which operators are expected to keep and produce. This ranges from vehicle information and the key dates that go along with them, to generating maintenance documentation for in-house workshops, third party maintenance providers or even R&M contracts, all the way to purchase orders and stock control.

CoWorks has been built with in-house fleet knowledge with input from Blue Crystal customers, allowing us to offer an easy-to-use package with a logical flow for all fleets and sizes. CoWorks also integrates seamlessly with other modules, allowing data to be shared across the whole suite preventing duplicate entries. This leads to different departments of your business seeing the right information they need without having to use multiple systems.

One example of CoWorks’ integration is the defect system. CoWorks can record defects manually for auditing and historic purposes whilst tracking rectification by your chosen maintenance method. But pairing this up with Driver-i enables any defects found by drivers during their walkaround checks to automatically populate RFM. From RFM, they can be converted into a job card, purchase order or maintenance request ready to be actioned. Once the repair has been done it completes the defect form giving you a full audit trail from reporting, to action taken from the operator, to repair details and finally the closing date and time.

Inspections go digital

Inspection sheets are one of the most important compliance documents for a commercial fleet, so it is imperative they are completed correctly and stored safely. One of the main complaints the team at Blue Crystal hear from workshops is how fragile paper is and how easy it is to be misplaced. Blue Crystal listened and created their own digital inspection & job card application, RFM Go.

RFM Go allows technicians to fill in their inspection sheets digitally, going through the required tasks and capturing the additional information required such as tread depths, brake linings and brake test information. RFM Go can also perform other tasks like taking photos of defects, completing job cards and creating jobs on the fly. Because the sheets are digital you are not limited to one copy, allowing copies to be printed out or emailed as required.

Driver checks

Walkarounds are one of the most important key compliance requirements for operators and drivers of HGVs & PSVs. Sometimes referred to as a “pre use” or “first use check” the daily walkaround must be completed by the driver before operating the vehicle, checking key areas for any damage or defects. A walkaround should occur at least every 24 hours when a vehicle is in use, and the walkaround should take around 15 minutes. Being such a crucial part of a driver’s day and even more so for the operator’s compliance obligations, it is important to have a robust system to check and record walkarounds. But equally important is to be able to utilise the data that is recorded.

Driver-i is the solution

Driver-i is Blue Crystal’s paperless alternative for driver walkarounds, fully integrated within their RFM system to generate unparalleled visibility within the fleet, keeping operators compliant, making it easier for drivers to report any defects/issues that may have been found. Drivers can send photos with their defect reports as well as recording any damage to the vehicle. Checks are also geo-tagged so the operator knows where a walkaround or defect was completed. Breakdowns and RTCs can also be recorded with the same features allowing operators to see exactly where a driver has broken down or where an RTC has occurred. Drivers are also prompted for key information on the RTC form to ensure the correct details are captured.

Monitoring & Reporting

Capturing data is important, utilising that data is key. RFM does this by producing exceptional reports and much more. From a commercial workshop point of view, it allows you to send out maintenance reminders to your customers as well as generating service schedules and in-house stock and labour monitoring. Operators can also take advantage of many features such as; service and maintenance reports, cost analysis, defect audits and much more.

Earned Recognition

Earned Recognition is one of the hot topics in the CV industry. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have published some great material on the .GOV website for those unfamiliar with the scheme. After their recent meeting with the DVSA, the team at Blue Crystal came away with a strong impression that Earned Recognition is gaining traction and is something operators should be aiming for right now. Blue Crystal believe it may be a deciding factor in the future where Earned Recognition operators are favoured when it comes to contract work. Blue Crystal have been following the scheme with great interest since their initial meeting at the start of 2017, and as such the RFM system is validated for Earned Recognition. The Earned Recognition module is completely free of charge; this means that you can activate the module within RFM at any time, allowing you to be working to the requirements and measuring yourself against the Earned Recognition KPIs, making it an easier transition when you decide to apply.

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