Statement from Association of Fleet Professionals on today’s Budget

Paul Hollick, chair, said:

“For fleets, this was a Budget more noteworthy for what it didn’t include rather than what it did. We’d have liked to have seen measures announced ranging from the creation of an EV charging regulator through to national co-ordination on Clean Air Zones, as outlined in our recent tax and regulation manifesto. However, there was little content that showed the Government has been thinking about business road transport.

“The one bright point for fleets was the freeze in fuel duty. An increase in 11 pence per litre would’ve been extremely unwelcome at a point in time when the economy is struggling and removing that possibility is very much welcome. Further positives are difficult to identify but a recognition that more people need to be encouraged back into the workforce, through pension changes and childcare measures, could potentially help to a degree in a fleet sector where recruitment remains an issue.”

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