SNAP Account gives hauliers a way to make smart payments for essential services

Are you tired of outdated, paper-based fleet operations? Do you and your accounts department spend hours each week counting your drivers’ receipts when your valuable time could be spent on other matters? Would you benefit from a digital service that could streamline your business, saving you time and money?

We have the answer… SNAP Account.

No more cash, no more receipts, no more hidden costs

SNAP Account is the flagship product of haulage industry innovators SNAP. The service was introduced to modernise haulage industry procedures, offering fleet operators, truck drivers and HGV locations a smart-payment method to revolutionise the old-fashioned processes within the haulage sector.

Throughout the UK and Europe, 100,000 drivers from 4,000 fleets are paying for their Truck Parking, Truck Washing, Dartford Crossings and Roadside Assistance with their smart-payment, SNAP Account. To charge for an HGV service, the vehicle licence plate number is entered onto SNAP’s online portal and digitally added to the fleet’s weekly invoice, removing the nuisance of drivers needing to carry cash and collect receipts for reimbursement.

SNAP Account’s smart payments are accepted at an ever-growing number of 215 Truck Parking and Washing locations throughout the UK and Europe and a SNAP Account transaction is processed every 27 seconds. 

SNAP Account offers users an unprecedented level of control over fleet expenditure. The innovative smart-payment system can be used for a range of HGV services, which appear on an itemised invoice, with no monthly fees and no hidden extras, becoming the ideal solution for haulage professionals looking to streamline their operations.

It also digitalises expenses for fleet operators and their accounting departments, by collating all non-fuel expenses into one simple and easy to manage invoice.

At the end of the month, the fleet operator receives their itemised invoice and a breakdown of the services that have been used and by which vehicle. Users can also log into their account and view the daily transactions when required.

Users can create their own bespoke SNAP Account, choosing the services they wish to use for their fleet. For example, some fleets may only need to use smart-payments for Truck Parking, whilst others may need SNAP Account for Washing and the Dartford Crossing.

Managing your fleet has never been easier. Add or remove vehicles at any time and control which services they use.

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