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Fuel Card Services has released a new e-book advising fleet managers on how best to build a more sustainable fleet.

Time is running out for fleets to make vital changes to the sustainability of their fleet, before more legislation changes; and the planet gets dangerously warm. But just in time, The Green Journey is back again with its new e-book offering practical guidance for any organisation running a vehicle fleet.

The Green Journey is Fuel Card Services approach to helping fleet managers meet their sustainability commitments. The advice is based on years of working with fleets, combined with experience of meeting international environmental and quality standards. Fuel Card Services is the automotive industry’s only organisation to be partnered with Cool Earth, a leading environmental charity.

Steve Clarke, Fuel Card Services Group Marketing Manager, said: “Sustainability affects every size and type of fleet and the people responsible for managing them need to be up to date on the latest news. The Green Journey lets any fleet manager, MD, FD, or business owner see the most important recent developments immediately, along with advice on what to do about them.”

Every edition of The Green Journey summarises five current topics that can affect UK fleets, collated from worldwide news sources. The key point of each topic is highlighted and a link given to the most important source used. The five topics each concludes with an ‘Impact Point’ that advises readers on appropriate action.

This sixth edition in the series offers free guidance for fleet managers and others to get straight to the heart of the latest sustainability news with clear news summaries and valuable action points. The five key topics are: the vital need for action, fleet headline highlights, how to be a sustainability champion, the big squeeze on diesel, and the simplest way to reduce emission now.

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