To assist logistics operations during the COVID-19 out, Talent in Logistics has launched a jobs board in partnership with Smart recruit online, the award-winning talent attraction platform, to help promote current recruitment opportunities.

Talent in Logistics is dedicated to the recruitment, development, engagement and retention of the 2.5 million+ people working in the transport, logistics and warehousing sector. Talent in Logistics was specifically developed to support employers and training providers, so that organisations can address skills, training and career progression, retain exceptional staff and attract new employees.

“Dealing with the outbreak of Covid-19 is a big enough challenge for the logistics sector. There is high demand on the supply chain, with the need to keep shops, hospitals and fuel stations stocked,” says Ruth Edwards, Business Development Director at Talent in Logistics. “In these unusual times, we understand that extra resource and staff are needed to fulfil operational and delivery requirements.”

The jobs board, which launched on 27 March, is free, simple to set up and easy to navigate for employers, recruitment agencies and those in the search for current employment opportunities.

Mark Stephens, CEO at Smart recruit online, said: “SRO are pleased to be working in partnership with Talent in Logistics, to help their members and the logistics business community address the real-life challenges associated with the recruitment and retention of staff. We aim to provide a range of highly advanced, free and low-cost solutions that can deliver tangible benefits, such as improvements to efficiency and effectiveness, as well as significantly driving down recruitment costs.”

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