TRW truck camera info graphicTRW Automotive Holdings Corp has won its first contract to supply its video camera sensor to a major European commercial truck manufacturer to support a range of sensing capabilities including lane departure warning (LDW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB), both  mandated by the European Union.

TRW will begin to supply the camera technology in late 2012. The contract includes the integrated scalable camera and processing unit as well as supporting software. The system can enable functions including LDW, object recognition, forward collision warning, traffic sign recognition and headlight control. When combined with a radar sensor, other driver assist functions can be enabled such as AEB.

“As commercial truck manufacturers move forward in complying with pending legislation, TRW can meet their needs in terms of the camera and radar hardware – and importantly in developing the algorithms that help make high level safety decisions based on the sharing of data between the environmental sensing systems,” said Peter Lake, Executive Vice President, sales and business development for TRW.

The European Union mandate calls for the installation of lane departure warning systems and automatic emergency braking systems for new heavy duty vehicle model launches sold in Europe from late 2013 and for all new trucks in Europe from late 2015.

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