Unique approach saves customers £100 million on SMR

Holman delivers £100 million in SMR savings to customers in 12 months through innovative fleet management services.

Holman’s innovative Portfolio Management approach has delivered £100 million in service,
maintenance and repair (SMR) cost savings to its customers across their combined fleet
operations in the past year.Coupled with its Drive-Buy-Service-Sell model, Holman provides its customers with the opportunity to maximise value at every stage of the fleet lifecycle, resulting in remarkable savings for its customers.

“Our approach to fleet management is truly transformational, generating results far exceeding typical market expectation,” said Jo Ewen, Holman’s Director of Client Relations. “Even during an inflationary economy, we’ve returned significant savings to our customers in 2023, totalling £100 million.”

“With Portfolio Management, we can identify and anticipate any anomalies or unexpected issues our customers haven’t accounted for in the maintenance plan and lifecycle for each vehicle. In turn, this informs the future for that specific vehicle in terms of how long it spends on fleet.”  

“It means we can provide a unique value proposition when customers need to amend their lease contracts, as by thoroughly evaluating the asset, we can reset the residual value of the vehicle based on the current market.”

Our process begins with a collaborative Strategic Account Plan, ensuring alignment with our customers’ unique savings, quality, and value goals. We continuously review and refine this plan throughout the year to ensure it remains aligned with our customer’s evolving needs.

By analysing real-time data to identify every cost incurred by each vehicle, we provide visibility for customers to make strategic decisions about every vehicle on fleet. We provide this in the form of a value statement, that shows insights into their savings across leasing, maintenance, and management, in pound terms.

“We are able to provide an unparalleled level of insight into the operation of your fleet,” added Jo. “Portfolio Management ensures our customer’s fleet are operating at the maximum efficiency, and crucially, how they want it to operate, not us.”

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