AD Fuels aims for ER status using TruTrac and Microlise platforms

ad fuel trucks leave a depot

AD Fuels is working to secure Earned Recognition (ER) status and improve its fleet efficiency through the adoption of TruTrac and Microlise platforms.

To help support its ER goal, the company has adopted compliance control and fleet management software systems from TruTac and Microlise.

Microlise said that the transport team has access to information on one platform due to a single sign on (SSO) between the two systems, where data is remotely captured, transferred and accessible.

Jon Mayes, managing director at AD Fuels, said: “The integrated compliance portal from TruTac is easy to use and looks after everything from driver’s hours and vehicle checks to licence details and workshop schedules.

“The Microlise system focuses on improving driver behaviour and delivers value-add benefits such as fuel reduction.”

AD Fuels collects from gas suppliers and delivers to end users throughout the UK, supporting a range of industries and businesses including LNG and CNG suppliers, anaerobic digestion operators and local authorities.

Data captured and digitally stored by the TruTac and Microlise systems spans driver and vehicle activity which can be accessed and retrieved from any portal for auditing and compliance checks at any time, said Microlise.

By using TruFleet on a tablet or any terminal, the workshop team can view planned maintenance, inspections, MOTs and repairs, while adding calendar reminders for tax, insurance and service intervals.

Inspection sheets can be instantly uploaded and if needed, the system can also manage multiple garages, schedules, and bookings.

AD Fuels is also using TruTac’s time and attendance clocking system, TruTime – using digital tachograph driver cards, supporting duty of care and health and safety obligations, plus HR records for holidays, absences and shift activity.

Also, by integrating with TruTac’s TruAnalysis module, TruTime monitors and controls each driver’s working hours and calculates lead-in and lead-out times, by comparing clocked time with tachograph start and/or end times.

Mayes added: “Forward planning and preventative maintenance keeps the fleet running efficiently and smoothly and that’s where TruTac’s TruFleet maintenance and workshop planning system comes in.

“Our drivers have far greater control over their own performance. For example, via the TruTac App, every driver can receive instant information regarding their infringements, and debriefings can also be done via the App – digitally signed, sealed and stored on the system.

“Ultimately, TruTac and Microlise have improved various aspects of our compliance control and fleet efficiency. Plus, aided by their software, and the peace of mind it gives us, we are applying for ER status. Quite honestly, I can’t think of another system which could compete.”

AD Fuels recently expanded its fleet with the addition of four ADR-specified Volvo FH LNG 6×2 tractor units.

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