Algorithm People partners with FORS to help fleets drive efficiencies

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has partnered with transport optimisation specialists, the Algorithm People, to offer the FORS Transport Planner.

The Transport Planner will be available to accredited operators as part of the FORS Affinity Partner programme.

Utilising the very latest in optimisation technology, the Transport Planner computes the best combination of jobs, assets such as available drivers and vehicles, and routes to give the most efficient results, it says.

FORS Transport Planner works with fleets across different sectors and industries, it also works with petrol, diesel and electric vehicles (EVs), or a mixed fleet.

The software will automatically consider vehicle payload, variable routes and other necessary information and can also factor in range and charging for EVs.

CEO of the Algorithm People, Colin Ferguson, said: “Our aim is to help operators of all sizes, many of whom don’t have access to this kind of technology or are currently relying on manual route planning or fixed route sequencing.

“With only 10% of fleets optimising their transport planning, we believe FORS Transport Planner can help level the playing field, we regularly see customers reporting savings and efficiencies of up to 30%.”

Ferguson explained its business model is based on three pillars – decarbonisation, optimisation and innovation. “Helping operators reduce costs, improve their profitability, and begin their decarbonisation journey through better optimisation is essential for any business,” he added.

“Our evidence-based analysis and first-hand knowledge of transport infrastructure means we can also advise on how fleets can best transition to electric and other low emission vehicles, ensuring they continue to decarbonise their fleets in the way that most makes sense for their unique business.”

FORS concession director, Ian Henderson, said: “FORS Transport Planner absolutely reflects the ethos of the FORS programme.

“Helping our accredited operators find ways to work smarter and greener is to the benefit of all. The FORS Transport Planner team have extensive industry experience, as well as fleet and electric vehicle expertise and I’d encourage all operators to start a conversation about decarbonisation and see what savings and benefits can be gained.”

The Transport Planner does not require lengthy installation or consultancy with large upfront costs, relying on an easy-to-use interface for fleet managers to input data, and providing onboarding teams, a technical helpdesk and online user guides, says FORS.

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