Einride Enables Switch to Sustainable Freight in the UK

Freight mobility technology company Einride to enter the UK market and unlock a resilient, cost-effective, and decarbonised way to transport goods across the country.

Einride, a freight mobility company that provides digital, electric and autonomous technology, today announces the expansion of its operations into the United Kingdom. This marks a pivotal moment for the UK, where around 1.4 billion tonnes of goods are transported around the country by road each year*, and where road haulage is responsible for over 20% of domestic carbon emissions**. The UK Department for Transport is currently looking to build a sustainable future of freight, where goods are moved through cost-efficient, reliable, resilient, seamless and net zero means – a vision that Einride shares.

Through an ecosystem of products including the intelligent platform Einride Saga, electric and autonomous fleets, charging infrastructure and connectivity networks, Einride will provide the UK with a new and sustainable end-to-end road freight solution. With these technologies, Einride will establish a regional freight mobility grid along the M1, M5 and M6 between the major metropolitan cities of London, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. The starting point will be the Midlands’ ‘golden logistics triangle,’ which lies within four hours’ drive of 90% of the British population and contains a significant share of the country’s logistics and warehousing facilities.

“The UK has always been at the forefront of transport history. The efficient and innovative movement of goods has consistently been integral to the growth and prosperity of the UK, with the British pioneering both the railway system and canal networks,” said Robert Falck, Founder and CEO of Einride. “We’re honoured to be here, teaming up with local partners to further establish the UK as a transport pioneer and ultimately help the country meet its net zero goals.”

Einride’s first commercial partner in the UK, PepsiCo, will have an initial deployment using Einride connected electric trucks between its Walkers manufacturing sites in Leicester and Coventry. Over the three-year partnership, the truck fleet, powered by Einride’s intelligent Saga platform, will cover more than 750,000 miles previously powered by fossil-fuels, reducing the equivalent of over 1,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

“At PepsiCo, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business, with a goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2040 as part of our PepsiCo Positive agenda,” said Archana Jagannathan, Head of Sustainability, PepsiCo UK. “Our partnership with Einride is a small yet important step towards that ambition, one that will help us drive meaningful progress in sustainable transport. With this initial deployment, we’re looking forward to better understanding the potential role electric trucks can play in our transport operations.”

As in other markets, Einride’s UK freight ecosystem will operate on a grid that is planned, optimised and monitored through the Einride Saga platform. The grid concept simplifies freight management over long distances and removes inefficiencies that are otherwise typical for the industry, with smart handovers meaning goods don’t have to be delayed due to battery recharges or a change in driver. Einride takes overall responsibility for all logistical touchpoints, from intelligent software to reliable charging infrastructure and maintenance services, to provide a holistic and high quality service.

Einride plans to establish a vast network of partners as it expands further into the UK and Ireland, connecting additional shippers and operators which will enable cost-efficient scaling of the grid together with increased emission savings. Once a critical mass of transportation volumes is established, the expansion of the grid will be further supported by algorithmic optimisation provided by Einride Saga and by introducing human-led autonomous technologies such as Einride’s heavy duty, cabless trucks which are monitored by a remote operator.

The launch follows Einride’s 2022 expansion into Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway. The company is the leading operator of heavy-duty electric freight in Sweden and the US, and across its markets, Einride operates fleets for industry giants such as Maersk, AB InBev, Lidl and GE Appliances, a Haier company. Since electrifying their road freight with Einride, partners have seen an up to 95% decrease in CO2 emissions while remaining cost competitive.

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