Portable EV chargers help Morgan Sindall bridge gap to electrify fleet

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure is using the 22kW Juice Booster 2 portable charging station at its depots to help electrify its fleet.

Committed to electrifying its entire fleet of 700 company cars and 450 commercial vehicles by 2030, the company wanted to independently manage the charging process for vehicles working on projects from temporary sites.

The 22 kW Juice Booster 2 portable charging station, says Morgan Sindall, now gives it the ability to charge its EVs at depots where fitting permanent charging infrastructure was not an option.

Jonathan Hall, plant and transport director at Morgan Sindall, explained: “A temporary charging solution is beneficial because installing fixed charging points would be expensive given our sites are only set up for the duration of the project.

“The Juice Booster 2 makes it far easier to change the number of charging points and it provides a wealth of options in terms of connections and different adaptors.

“The big advantage is the flexibility to rapidly increase and reduce the charging capacity, which is something that really makes a difference because our people will move across to another project as soon as the current project winds up.

“Compared to other solutions, this system is very simple and straightforward, it absolutely fills the gap in the market in terms of what we are looking for.”

Morgan Sindall says it has yet to find another product which is so flexible and easy to use, with the ability to adapt to different types of vehicles and to situations in which it is not always possible to rely on public charging stations.

It is also looking to the future and has its sights set on the next level: a device equipped with back-end software to enable monitoring and use of the logs.

“We are excited to see what other innovations Juice Technology will come up with in this sector,” added Hall.

“In Juice Technology, we see the possibility of relying on a partner which is always capable of providing innovative solutions compared to other competitors on the market. That’s what we call added value, because we always want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovation.”

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