Safe, secure & profitable, why you need to consider fuel management systems

Blackburn-based Fueltek are one of the UK’s foremost providers of fuel management solutions to the commercial transport industry. Experts in the design, development, manufacture, installation and service of fuel pumps, storage tanks, and fuel management equipment, Fueltek excel in product quality, customer service and industry knowledge. Fueltek Managing Director Martin Devine has been active in the fuel management sector for over 35 years.

“Our systems are integral to the daily operation of fleets up and down the country in a wide variety of industry sectors,” said Martin, speaking exclusively to FACTS. “We are members of the Association for Petroleum & Explosives Administration (APEA) and are a leading voice continually pushing the industry forward.”

“Fuel is vital to their survival”

While the fine of £8 million handed down to Tesco as a consequence of a major fuel leak at one of their forecourt petrol stations in 2017 is an extreme example, the issue of maintaining a safe and secure fuel-set up is a serious one. Martin says that commercial fleet operators with on-site refueling facilities typically maintain high standards when it comes to fuel management.

“Whatever area of the transport sector a fleet operator may be in, if they do not have fuel for their vehicles, their business grinds to a halt. A fuelling facility is not simply a method of attracting customers into a store; it is an integral part of a fleet operation that ensures journeys can be made, contracts can be fulfilled and the business can continue to operate. Fuel is vital to their survival, so commercial fleet operators are in most cases very responsible.

“In my 35 years of experience, I have never seen a leak as significant as 23,500 litres [as in the Tesco story] in the commercial fleet sector. In our sector, most fuel is stored above ground, so any leaks are visible immediately. Bunded fuel tanks are commonplace and fuel is keenly monitored, so large leakages are unlikely. However, leakages can happen in cases of overfilling in the yard.”

Without overfill prevention devices fitted at the bulk storage tank, the tanker filling operation carries more risk. The overfill prevention device can take the form of a flashing light, buzzer or mechanical valve to either alert the tanker driver or stop the flow of fuel automatically.

The tanker driver may be unaware of the ullage in the storage tank and therefore may not react quickly enough if an overfill occurs. In most cases, overfills just enter the bund area and present a nuisance as the fuel is rendered useless and the bund requires pumping out if it is to continue to do its job.

“Fueltek bulk fuel storage tanks are usually fitted with overfill prevention devices to prevent these leakages and reduce fuel loss in this respect,” said Martin. “However, our product suite can be harnessed to a much greater extent to provide operators with a superior level of control over their fuel.”

Take comprehensive control with TankWatch

Fueltek’s TankWatch tank monitoring system provides operators with accurate information on stock levels, available tank capacity, stock movements, deliveries and throughputs, all in a single system. As opposed to relying on a theoretical book stock, which makes detecting unusual stock movements (theft, leakages etc) difficult, TankWatch incorporates a series of probes which are connected to a control panel mounted locally at the fuel tank. When used in conjunction with the FT4000 fuel pump range, TankWatch can be used to generate real-time stock figures in comparison with the book stock data. Differences are expressed as % variances between pump and tank throughputs as well as book deliveries and actual deliveries.

“Discrepancies between the book and actual stock can lead to fleet operators running out of fuel and leave vehicles immobilised,” said Martin. “Our suite of systems prevents this from happening and keeps the operator in control.”

Getting it right the first time is so important, and Martin and the team are on-hand to assist operators, whatever the size and scope of their operation. “We provide our customers with safe and secure methods of managing, monitoring and storing fuel and make it profitable to do so,” said Martin. “We have both the equipment and the expertise that makes us reliable partners to hundreds of commercial fleets nationwide.”
To hear from the specialists yourself, contact Martin and the team at Fueltek today.

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