Winter durability testing gives Tevva trucks an icy blast

Where better to test the durability, strength and battery power of an electric truck than 300km north of the Arctic Circle?

That is precisely what Tevva did recently, when a team of its engineers accompanied two trucks to UTAC’s Test World in Lapland, Finland.

The purpose-built facility, which is subject to a year-round blast of severe weather, is the proving grounds of choice for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

Tevva’s trucks underwent a wide range of tests, navigated dense forests, overcame steep snow-layered hills and negotiated challenging icy roads as part of the testing regime.

This footage, the first of several films, shows Tevva’s truck as it is tested for ‘Snow Packing and Accumulation’.

Tevva will have a major presence at this summer’s Road Transport Expo (RTX) from 30 June to 2 July at NAEC Stoneleigh.

Not only will you be able to visit the team and explore the vehicles on multiple stands, but you’ll also be able to take part in a Ride and Drive of the latest Tevva trucks during the event.

In addition, Tevva marketing director David Thackray will be presenting during the Knowledge Zone seminar programme on the use of hydrogen fuel cells to extend the range of battery-electric trucks.

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